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The past four years have seen Rulam complete several benchmark projects for our company:

South East Industrial Stage 1 – Hopewell Developments Inc

Scope: Deep utilities, civil concrete, 51 ave construction and paving
- 1000m of 600mm SDR35 Sanitary (300m at 11m depth of bury) adjacent to existing warehouse foundations and construction.
- 11 case bore installations under existing Keyera and Pembina pipelines
- Offsite storm line through wetland area
- Construction of 51 Avenue over existing Keyera and Pembina pipelines
- Installation of deep sanitary line adjacent to 34th street (high traffic area with very restricted working easements)
- 1100m of 450m diameter waterline including MAV’s and Check Valves
- 300m of fused 450mm C905 DR25 piping installed via HDD in a single pull.
- 525mm – 1500mm storm mains.

Site grading and early works:

Pre-trenching of deep sanitary line:

Installation of storm mains:



91st Street 25th Avenue SW to 30th Avenue – City of Edmonton

Scope: Earthworks, deep utilities, electrical / communications, road construction and paving, landscaping.
- Stripping of organic soils and remove/dispose off-site
- Site Grading
- 550m of RCP sanitary main at 13m depth of bury
- 550m 450mm water main with MAV’s
- 550m of storm main
- New 91st street construction and paving
- Electrical and communications installation
- Finish landscaping.

Initial Pre-trenching combine with site earthworks activities:

Tie-in to existing RCP sanitary line:

Installation of deep sanitary line:


Bold Center, South Lift Station, West Lift Station, and Hwy 55 Sanitary Trunk - County of Lac La Biche

Scope: Installation of deep sanitary trunk main, force main installation, large diameter case bores, Tie-in on existing system to new system and lift station for commissioning, Demolition of existing Lift Station.
- Installation of 4.2km of 900mm and 750mm sanitary truck main in very challenging ground conditions
- Stripping and tree clearing of ROWs
- Strict environmental monitoring and enforcement of work performed on wetland crossings
- Washed rock and geo-textile wrap bedding structure in swelling clay soils.
- 2 large diameter case bore installations (48” and 36” diameter)
- 900 lineal meters of sanitary sewer at 11m depth of bury
- Decommission and demolition of existing Liftstation
- Most contract work performed in winter conditions
Pre-trenching on 9m cut:

Tie-in at new liftstation:

Washed rock / Wrapped Pipe Bedding:

Backfill Activities:

Some of our valued clients:

Beaverbrook Developments
City of Edmonton
MLC Lands
Hopewell Developments
United Communities
City of Grande Prairie
Canada Lands Company
Transamerica Corporation
Graydon Hills Developments Ltd.
County of Lac La Biche
County of Strathcona
DFI Corporation
Sawridge Holdings Ltd.


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